UXC Axapta – to shift or not to shift


Who does not want to own a successful company? Well almost each one of us. But a successful company comes for a price, not just in terms of money but in terms of your attention being the owner. It demands the right planning at every stage and in fact steps need to be preempted beforehand so that one is not caught up in an uncalled for situation. Thus, today the management’s of companies are very open to incorporate software’s which can streamline their processes to deliver a good product and in turn bring a satisfied customer.

The world of Axapta

Axapta presently widely known as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is a wide ranging enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for all kinds of businesses establishments be it big or small so that they can operate effectively and with time also reinvent themselves so that they can pose to be a keen threat to businesses in the same segment the world over. This is one such software which has very high degree of scalability where it can support and handle multi-site and multi-country businesses. Not just this, it is a one stop solution which improves productivity and business efficiencies, across multiple regions, languages and currencies. Further the solutions provided with UXC Axapta are in tandem with the industry requirements and Microsoft technologies thereby providing perfect business solutions.

Let’s quickly list out the advantages that UXC Axapta has to offer

  1. Demand Forecasting: Ability to generate and update forecast values in AX Master Planning module.
  2. Retail: Any enhancements in product catalog regarding pricing inventory can be easily carried out. In fact promotion management and loyalty programs can be easily managed here.
  3. Project Management and Accounting: Project resource scheduling, project budgeting and time entry, invoicing can be handled. Integration with CRM integration and with mobile apps for time, expense and approvals is available.
  4. Business Analytics reports can easily be generated here
  5. Data Import and Export Framework across multiple systems are available.
  6. Warehouse Management: Allows management of complex warehouse automation work tasks, devices, goods and the shipment. Everything can be tracked and accounted for here.
  7. Transportation Management: Load planning, rate and route calculations as well as rate calculation can be done here with ease.
  8. Trade Allowance Management: Off-invoice, bill-back and lump sum calculations. Bill-back and deductions everything can be carried out.

Software never remain the same, they are evolving everyday where one is better than the previous. Thus, if you want to see your business to be a global enterprise and reach out to global markets then UXC Axapta is the software to work with. If you want to work faster , better and smarter by utilizing your resources at the right place and also if you are looking by keeping your businesses future and expansion in newer markets in mind then this definitely is the software where your companies future lies best in safe hands and shifting would be a good option.

Five ways a commercial lawyer can help your firm


Business is not just manufacturing and selling the product in the market. But in a broader perspective it’s about trading of services and goods to the consumer. So one can easily imagine how many people at different stages are involved in the process. Thus there has to be perfect coordination and at the same time systems have to be in place so that the company processes are in place. On the same lines the presence of a commercial lawyer is utmost necessary in a company. A company could hire a consultancy firm for this or a company could hire a dedicated commercial lawyer  just for themselves. Either ways his presence in a company is very necessary.

The law wizard of your company

Governments all over the world have put laws in place regarding how businesses should work. Different rules and regulations are supposed to be followed. It could be regarding taxes or working conditions of employees, companies have to abide by them. But sometimes conflicts do arise. It could be in-house or between the company and the government, but your lawyer is there by your side to help you come out of any situation. Let us see five ways how a commercial lawyer can be of help

  1. He keeps your contracts in place: Contract has a typical language which if not interpreted properly can have a lot of legal implications. A lawyer keeps good track of them. Also contracts are with the employees as well, he makes these contracts for the companies and incase of any breach fights on behalf of the company legally.
  2. Legal advisor during deals: Whenever the company is planning to purchase some real estate property, during such times he is a big help as he helps you by not falling prey to a foul deal. Also he can access the deal from the legal point of view and can judge if the paperwork and documents are original and there is no foul play. Thus you can close deals faster especially when it comes to real estate deals.
  3. Helps you organize better: A company has different plans of expansion. Be it going into the stock market, or going into partnerships. Your legal advisor will be by your side giving you the necessary inputs so that it is profitable and advantageous for you at every stage.
  4. Handling Disputes: Many times disputes arise between the employees and the management which can lead to strikes. Your lawyer can amicably arise at a solution for the same by discussing with both the parties and can help in early resolution of the same.
  5. Sets the company’s policies in place: He drafts the rule book of the company. Sets the policies, in discussion with the HR dept. This entire exercise he does keeping in view both the interest of the management and the employee in mind.

Thus one can easily make out he’s truly an indispensable part of any organization. Steinpag Commercial Lawyers offer clients specialized and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, energy and resources and commercial matters.